Karim Food Industries has defined and implemented effective and efficient purchasing processes for the evaluation and control of purchased product(s)/Service(s), in order to ensure that purchased product conforms to the purchase requirements. Karim has determined the type and extent of control that applied to the supplier and the purchased product/service depending on the effect of the purchased product and/or service(s) upon final product.

All raw materials, ingredients and product-contact materials are described in documents to the extent needed, including the following, as appropriate:

  • Precise identification of the type, class or grade of the product.
  • Product Characteristics
    • biological, chemical and physical characteristics;
    • composition of formulated ingredients, including additives and processing aids;
    • origin;
    • method of production, preparation and/or handling before use or processing;
    • Food safety-related acceptance criteria or specifications of purchased materials and ingredients appropriate to their intended uses.
  • Quantity
  • Required Delivery date, packaging and delivery methods
  • Positive Identification (including issue status) of specification etc.
  • Requirements related to testing and inspection of the product for approval processes, equipment, procedure and personnel.
  • Storage conditions and shelf life;
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